In the Netherlands, T-Mobile and Tele2 unveiled a groundbreaking telecom brand: Odido. This new brand takes a unique approach. Odido simplifies digital technology, making it accessible to everyone. According to their own words, they make things easy and ensure everything stays enjoyable. While this should be obvious, to this day it still isn't. Odido is here to change that, and we were there for the grand reveal.


Earlier this year, Alda was entrusted by T-Mobile to orchestrate a spectacle for a grand event. Since we collaborate frequently, Alda enlisted us to design, program, and perform the lighting. Secrecy was paramount, and the name Odido was to remain hush-hush. Timor Steffens took the reins of the show, turning dance into a central element of the performance. He fostered confidence and granted everyone the freedom to apply their own expertise. The collaboration was incredibly enjoyable and motivated us all to deliver a show of the highest caliber.

This grand event was organized for all employees of the telecom company. Staff from across the Netherlands gathered at Ahoy in Rotterdam for this spectacular celebration. The evening program featured a kick-off show that needed to truly captivate the audience, along with live music by DJs and cover bands. To elevate the atmosphere at key moments, we personally managed PixMob wristbands to create impactful moments.


We designed the light show around the unique color scheme of Odido: a gradient of various colors that diverge from the primary colors. We aimed to steer clear of the traditional magenta of the old T-Mobile and the red and green of competitors. It's quite a challenge to work with the same color palette throughout the entire evening and across all performers while still introducing enough variation. Luckily, our inspiration and ideas are endless.

Another challenge was the tight production timeline on-site. The venue became available shortly before the event, giving us limited time for preparations. In a large-scale production like this, things often deviate from the plan, but we handle this seamlessly. As always, we had fully prepared the shows in our studio, enabling us to swiftly set up for rehearsals and allowing plenty of time for fine-tuning.


To ensure everything aligned seamlessly with the branding of the brand-new Odido, we took charge of the lighting the entire evening. In addition to the PixMob wristbands, we also deployed our follow-me system. This allowed all speakers, singers, and dancers to move freely across the stage, ensuring they were always in the spotlight.

We are all thrilled with the outcome. We successfully delivered a spectacular show, striking the right balance between light, video, and dance. Effective communication was crucial in making this happen.

We want to express our gratitude to all involved parties for the excellent collaboration and take pride in being part of this significant milestone for Odido!