Volvo EX30

With the brand-new Volvo EX30, Volvo aims to appeal to a new target audience. It is their most compact SUV ever, focusing on sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions. To showcase this new car in a way that does justice to the vehicle, Volvo asked Neoc to develop a unique show. Having collaborated on previous occasions with Neoc for Volvo, we joined forces once again to deliver an exceptional presentation.


For three weeks, Volvo hosted a special showroom in Vianen, a central location in the Netherlands. This way potential buyers could get a sneak preview of the Volvo EX30. Dealers would bring their clients here to generate excitement about the brand new car. We brought the vehicle to life in a breathtaking display by combining both video and an enchanting light show.

Neoc created the setting, making use of the luminous ceiling already present at the location. Naturally, the car took center stage, surrounded by video screens fashioned as pillars, with a prominent screen in the background. When we delved into the light show, the presentation video was already prepared. It detailed key aspects of the car, including its electric driving range, focus on material recycling, and reduced CO2 emissions.


Video played a significant role in the presentation, ensuring the audience was well-informed about every detail of the car. Following that, we collaborated with Neoc on the light design and discussed how the luminous ceiling could complement the video. We created a lighting setup within the budget, allowing us to fully program and fine-tune it in advance at the studio. After that, we connected everything on-site. At The Art of Light, we were also responsible for the video play-out and we controlled the turntable on which the car was placed - but we crafted the show to run smoothly every day with minimal crew.

The project went quite smoothly, given our good familiarity with Volvo as a client and our excellent collaboration with Neoc. One additional challenge was the repetitive nature of the work, as The Art of Light had to be present on-site every day for 21 days to oversee the show. This was not particularly challenging, as we had prepared everything down to the last detail and little improvisation was needed on the spot. To keep it enjoyable for the team, we took turns in managing the workload.


The result was a very well executed and visually stunning show, where the car looked its absolute best. Collaborating with Neoc, we delivered top-quality within the budget, and we take pride in the show that ran for 3 weeks. We added various subtle accents to highlight specific features of the car using light. A playful example is the headlights of the Volvo EX30, designed after lightning, with a subtle lightning effect delicately appearing in the background. This way, we used light to enhance the storytelling, creating an enjoyable and dynamic show that is truly worth watching.

Photos by Nico Alsemgeest