Meet the team

André Beekmans, the founder of The Art of Light. Born and raised in the Netherlands - a country that hosts thousands of high-quality music festivals each year, and where electronic music is celebrated by the young, old and even the Royal Family. Beekmans' creative and hands-on spirit led him to create a successful light designing and operating company based in Eindhoven (NL).

In the studio and on the road, the team of freelancers and full-timers Marco, Michael, Koen, Ilona and André work together with passion to ensure quality, professionality, creativity and consistency. Our strength is our team and the passion we all share – LIGHT.

  • André
    • Founder
  • Marco
    • Designer
  • Michael
    • Operator
  • Koen
    • Operator
  • Marco
    • Operator
  • Ilona
    • Projectmanager
  • Maxim
    • Jr. projectmanager (internship)