We master the art of light. 


We design, program and perform superb light shows for artists, festivals and corporate events around the world. We provide the ultimate experience that your audience will never ever forget. With our pure passion and many years of experience no show is too big for us. We have endless ideas and hands-on solutions for every challenge. Lights are our lives.

André Beekmans, the founder of The Art of Light. Born and raised in the Netherlands - a country that hosts thousands of high-quality music festivals each year, and where electronic music is celebrated by the young, old and even the Royal Family. Beekmans' creative and hands-on spirit led him to create a successful light designing and operating company based in Eindhoven (NL).

In the studio and on the road, the team of freelancers and full-timers Tim, Rik, Romy, Maxim and André work together with passion to ensure quality, professionality, creativity and consistency. Our strength is our team and the passion we all share – LIGHT.

  • André
    • Founder
  • Michael
    • Freelance Operator
  • Maxim
    • Projectmanager
  • Lindsay
    • Finance
  • Sander
    • Freelance Technical Designer
  • Rik
    • Junior Operator / Designer
  • Romy
    • Project Manager