Unique livestream concerts Scheepvaartmuseum

The spring of 2020 was the first time the Netherlands went into lockdown. Concerts were unimaginable so the event industry had to get creative. After a few small scale live streams our partner Friendly Fire was the first to set up a professional livestream production including unique shows of the best bands from the Netherlands. The Art of Light provided the light design and operated the lights at this event.

Thursday the 17th thru sunday the 21st of June the Scheepsvaartmuseum hosted nightly shows of leading Dutch artists. The goal was to provide and augment the best views of both the artist and the museum. With a lineup consisting of Kensington, Duncan Laurence, Danny Vera, Krezip and Ilse de Lange fans could purchase separate tickets for each night and log in at home to attend the live streams. Each act has their own unique and distinctive style.

With live streaming all focus is centered around what you can see on camera. This calls for a different approach than that of a concert, where the crowd fills up a venue. Because of our many years of experience we can accurately determine how a production appears on video. Still, cooperation and communication with filmmakers remains paramount to success. Settings of the cameras and the lighting have to be perfectly in tune. For this project it was also important we could rapidly and efficiently transform the setting for the next concert.

Our Method
In the centre of an indoor courtyard we placed a round red stage. This eyecatcher was the foundation of all performances. With each individual artist we discussed how to create a style that would perfectly match their show. Krezip’s acoustic set was enhanced with warm halogen lamps. For Kensington we favored the use of more hard beams. This way we used subtle nuances to create 5 unique settings that fit on the same stage. Also, we provided specialized environmental lighting to perfectly present all angles of the museum itself.

After months of staying at home everybody was ecstatic to get to work on this project. With a fantastic team of videographers, directors and light operators, the Art of Light ensured a fine tuned setup, arranged down to the last detail. In doing so we have managed to design the first top level Dutch livestream shows incorporating all aspects of light, sound and the top acts themselves. A special project that we are proud of!


Client: Friendly Fire
Technical producer: Marcel Buurman
Director: Job Robbers
Light suppliers: Bourgonje and Phlippo Productions
Video production: SR Films
Photo’s: Ben Houdijk


2 x Grand MA2 Full size
2 x Grand MA2 NPU

8 x VL3500 spot
8 x VL3000 spot
22 x VL2600 Profile
24 x VL5
24 x Robe Ledwash 300+
50 x SGM P-5
92 x LEDpar
25 x CLF Auron beam
12 x Robe Patt
8 x Fresnel 2kw
12 x Fresnel 1kw
4 x Softlight panel