STRAF_WERK is a new concept, focused on dancing, having fun and enjoying the deeper sound of house. The Dutch label hosts events in different clubs and cities, combining international DJs with new and upcoming local talents. At The Art of Light, we provided smashing lighting shows for several events, with SW Festival in August as the highlight. In 2019 we were responsible for the complete production design for all stages, including the technical lighting set-up of video screens. Now, post covid, we join the club again!


STRAF_WERK is all about house and techno. A typical STRAF_WERK show includes sleek minimalistic shapes, combined with organic materials for a warmer ambiance. By not focusing on one specific sound, but exploring multiple sub-genres, the label urges the visitor to discover new stuff every time. The mix of well known international artists, talented locals and upcoming DJs creates an unique atmosphere. This well-considered combination always results in magic on the dance floor.


The label has high standards and that suits us perfectly, because we like to be challenged. STRAF_WERK always trusts our creative process. We get a lot of freedom. We all know what a STRAF_WERK show should look like, so the real challenge is to create an unique new experience every time, while holding on to the recognizable style. Sleek minimalistic and highlighted shapes are part of the identity, so we keep reinventing ourselves to create a brand new and at the same time familiar experience for STRAF_WERK.


Most festivals bring their own set-designer, but at STRAF_WERK, we are in the lead. Our big influence on the show makes our job exciting and more fun. With great power comes great responsibility, and this is where our many years of experience in big projects comes in. Of course, we know how to design, program and perform, but we also know how to communicate and enthuse an entire team. At projects like these, we really flourish. We are very proud of the last SW Festival production as a whole. We love the STRAF_WERK events and are already looking forward to the next one!

Photocredits: Tom Doms