Scooter is one of the founders of the techno / happy house genre. The German band consists of lead singer H.P. Baxxter, Micheal Simon and Sebastian Schilde. Since 1993 Scooter sold more than 30 million records and they are still alive and kicking. For their 20th studio album, God Save the Rave, they wanted to do something different and focus more on storytelling during the live shows. The management of Scooter organized a pitch and invited Alda. In the role of concept developer, Alda decided to team up with VeeMee Visuals for the visuals and the Art of Light for the lighting design. With this amazing team we won the pitch and our tour operator Ludo van Horssen started touring with Scooter in April 2022.

God Save the Rave

Scooter has been around for many years and performed thousands of live shows. No matter where (concert, techno party or rock festival) or when (even on mondays) - Scooter always makes the crowd go wild! It must be a real challenge to compose a set list with so many hits and classics.

Scooter decided they wanted to give the audience even more value and enrich their show with storytelling and visuals. “First we save the rave, then we save the world!” is their promise. The new album God Save the Rave includes some hardcore track, arranged for maxium dynamic impact - an art form that Scooter has elevated to levels of perfection.


We are very pleased Alda decided to team up with us, because we are always up for a challenge! The first challenge was adding a more ‘serious layer’ to the accessible happy house music. Not every song has a meaningful message, the band has been making party music for most of their career. Another challenge was working with many different parties, all facing the same direction, working towards the same experience. Luckily, working together, coordinating and communicating are our strengths.


We did a try-out weekend in Manchester and London that left the management so excited, they decided to trust us completely with the rehearsals. It was so much fun to reinvent such a long-term act as Scooter - and we nailed it. By adding visuals and a completely new lighting design we used storytelling through images and lights to enrich the whole Scooter experience. We love the fact that this old school techno act still creates a party at every venue, for every kind of audience. During the try-out weekend we saw such a diverse crowd, enjoying every minute of the experience. And we did too!