Rocycle is more than just a workout - it's an experience.

Rocycle combines cycling with full-body movements in a high-intensity class that will leave you feeling energized and empowered. The music is upbeat and the instructors are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. But what sets Rocycle apart is the sense of community - everyone is supportive and motivates each other to be their best. Also, mindfulness is a big part of the Rocycle experience.


Next level experience

For the opening of their 9th studio in Berlin, Rocycle wanted to add something new to the experience. Founder and CEO Rogier van Duyn saw one of our shows and got inspired. He reached out to The Art of Light and asked if we could enhance the vibe with a well thought out light show. Well Rogier, that’s our speciality!

The first step was taking a lesson of Rocycle to understand the vibe. It was an awesome experience for body, mind and soul - a good combination of putting your body to work and your mind to rest. In the Netherlands candles are often used for the mindfulness aspect, but in Germany this is not allowed due to safety regulations. For Berlin, they were on the lookout for a good alternative. Also, light can be a great addition for the active portion of a session. Rocycle was not looking for a party vibe, but rather a subtle way to stimulate high energy moments. Challenge accepted.


Mimicking candle light actually is quite a challenge. Candlelight is typically at a color temperature of around 2700 Kelvin - this is considered "extra warm white" and has a mood-enhancing effect. To recreate this atmosphere, we exclusively used warm and energetic hues, like the color red that is also used in the lighted logo of Rocycle. Furthermore, we utilized LED strips set at a maximum of 10% intensity to create a very minimalistic, subtle added value.


Another challenge we faced, at least from our perspective, was the final installation of the project. Rogier asked us to oversee the project from concept to realization, which we were happy to do, but we also know our own limitations. At The Art of Light, we have a lot of experience creating temporary light installations, but a permanent installation in a gym is a different story. That's why we started a collaboration with First Impression, who have a wealth of experience with permanent installations in gyms.


A collaboration with great success - the new Rocycle location in Berlin has recently opened with a completely new light experience! We have created various programs based on the input of head trainer Larissa. At Rocycle, all instructors create their own classes, so it is important that they can choose from various light programs, from mild to more intense. We have successfully created these programs for Rocycle and also contributed to the control system. Sports instructors need to be able to operate the equipment easily while giving lessons and sweating. We have made this as easy as possible.

Both Rocycle trainers and members, and us at The Art of Light, are incredibly happy with the result. The lights are certainly of added value in the Rocycle experience. More studio’s with this concept will open soon!