Our Planet Live in Concert

You might know Our Planet, the Netflix series. This beautiful documentary with the voice of David Attenborough portrays the earth at its finest, but also shows its vulnerabilities. Just like the series, Our Planet Live in Concert aims to inspire and motivate the next generation to protect our planet. With an enormous orchestra of 45 musicians, this show is not just a concert and not just a video display. It’s something else.

From the living room of composer Steven Price, we started this project with a brainstorm and helped to create a new kind of experience. We did not only design and program this extraordinary show, we traveled to the most beautiful venues in Europe to perform live.

Our Planet

Unlike previous nature documentary series, Our Planet emphasizes the impact of humanity on our earth. This story, full of beauty, goosebumps and realization, inspired composer Steve Price to create music that enhances the already impressive story and images. But Price wanted more than just a concert with video footage. That’s where we came in. To create an immersive experience we created a light show that lifts up both the documentary and the music.


Programming the light to both music and video was very interesting. We had to pay attention to musical emphasis and the colors of the images showing at the same time. We watched the video footage over and over again to correctly highlight transformations from dark jungles to sunny beaches and then snow falling down. Some of the images were dreamy and atmospheric, while others were up tempo, changing image at every musical note. Our lighting design had to be versatile and perfectly in sync. Challenge accepted!

For this project, we used the brand new grandMA 3 light console to program by time code. Thanks to our own Maxim Rath, who took on the role of production manager for this project, we also took on the video control. This way we could achieve 100% perfect synchronization.


After brainstorming with composer Steven Price and creating the lighting design, we spent the first couple of weeks analyzing all the musical and visual cues. It takes a lot of time and attention to program a light show that is perfectly in sync, especially when you have to take more elements into account. But, of course, with years and years of experience, we delivered. Our Planet Live in Concert is a great success. It releases emotions and leaves you full of wonder, commotion and astonishment.

In our opinion, everyone should experience these impeccable images, strengthened by moving music and spectacular lighting. It makes you realize how beautiful our planet really is. We have to be careful with it. With enough respect and understanding, we can keep enjoying this beautiful place we call our home. That is why all net profits from the Our Planet Live in Concert project will be donated to WWF’s global Our Planet education and awareness initiatives. We are proud to be part of this project.