Laroc, the first Sunset Club in Brazil, is the 45th best club in the world, according to the top 100 Clubs of DJ Mag. Since the opening in 2017, names of big room, underground, progressive, house, trance, techno and other sub genres have taken the stage, characterizing the diversity that is part of Laroc’s essence. The extraordinary light design was created by Marco Driessen (The Art of Light) in cooperation with set designer Freek Cornelissen (250K). They designed an inviting space with an authentic musical experience.


The club owes its unique look to the glass roof and wooden organic shapes, emphasized by lighting. “I loved the creative process” says light designer Marco. “We were limited in our choice of products, because of the availability in Brazil and the capacity of the roof. It couldn’t hold to much weight, but eventually we came up with an innovative design, matching seamlessly with the essence of Laroc.” By incorporating the fittings into the wooden shapes, they were able to keep the weight to a minimum. It wasn’t only a functional decision, it also created a subtle style of lighting. “We wanted the lighting to be all around the visitors, but it had to be subtle. We ended up with 1.5 kilometres of LED lines, what created exactly the look we were looking for.” The result is an a-symmetrical and clean set, woven into the décor and set design.