Krezip is a Dutch band from Tilburg, formed in 1997. It was notable for the band members’ young ages during their original break through. The band has had several successful albums and singles in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.
In 2008 Krezips breakthrough single ‘I would stay’ was given a one-time-only people’s choice award for “all-time best Dutch single”, by Dutch national radio station 3FM.

In 2009 the band announced in Giel Beelen’s radio show that they had decided to break up. They explained that a good time for them to quit was when they were at their peak.

On January 28th, 2019 the news broke that Krezip would return to the stage for Pinkpop 2019. For this big reunion we, The Art of Light, made sure that everything was spot on. We really enjoyed being part of this reunion, the preparations for the show and being at Pinkpop to ensure that the show was on fire.

After the successful Pinkpop show, Krezip sold out the Ziggodome 3 times. For this show, André created a visual show concept - and he was in charge of the light and video programming. The reunion tour in 2019 left the band wanting more, and they decided to continue.


Clubtour 2023

After a series of concerts and festivals, Krezip released a new album in the spring of 2023, titled 'Any Day Now'. For the club tour that followed, Krezip asked The Art of Light to design, program and perform a brand new light show. Krezip and manager Robert have high standards, but they always give us a lot of creative freedom to do what we do best: create signature shows.

The great advantage of this club tour is that the venues provide a dark canvas where we can create anything we want. Krezip plays both harder rock songs and intimate acoustic numbers, and the band indicates the atmosphere they want to set for each song. Our challenge is to create a signature look that is recognizable and forms a cohesive whole throughout the concert. For the light shows, we use the club's own lighting sets and supplement them with our own materials, such as the large and recognizable Krezip logo. We have built the entire show around the typical Krezip colors like lavender, amber, and peach. By staying away from primary colors, the show has a unique vibe.



The show is pre-programmed in GrandMA3 software, which allows us to scale the show to different venues. We program in advance based on specs we receive from different locations and fine-tune the show on-site. The combination of good preparation and improvisation always yields the best result. By programming the show manually, the band is flexible to improvise. On stage, everything comes together beautifully, and we are more than satisfied with the result. The atmosphere is truly enhanced by the lighting, both for the intimate acoustic numbers and the high-energy rock songs. It’s fun to see that Krezip's audience is just as diverse as their performances, with both women who grew up with Krezip and completely new fans.