Guus Meeuwis

Guus Meeuwis is one of the greatest music artists in The Netherlands. He has been in de music business for more than 22 years and is selling out stadion concerts since 2006. Next to his stadion concert ‘Groots met een zachte G’, Guus also does a clubtour with old and new music occasionally. The first clubtour originated in 2010 when Guus Meeuwis was making a new album. He decided he wanted to test his new material as The Monkey Sandwich Band before they started recording in the studio. The clubtour came back in 2013 for his new album ‘Het Kan Hier Zo Mooi Zijn’ and also new music got tested in 2017.

Flexible, efficient and a perfect fit

Marco Driessen is the one responsible for designing and operating the light shows for this event. The clubtours require different kind of lighting in comparison to the ‘Groots met een zachte G’ stadion concerts. “The light design has to be flexible,” Marco says. “During the clubtour we work with the lighting that is available at the location, to make the tour as efficient as possible. But there is a possibility that there is a different light setting in every club. So, we have to be flexible with the design.”

However, Marco also brought his own floor set of lighting to the clubtour. The floor set consisted out of 4 dolly’s with a Portman P2, 6 dolly’s with a Portman P2 + 6 customize LED pc’s and 3 dolly’s with a Skypan. A design flexible in width and depth, but it also gives a retro feel and look. “One of the reasons I chose for this design is because it gives a warm feeling that perfectly fits with the music.”


Even though it’s not sure when (or if) the next clubtour will happen, Marco is already looking forward to it. “It’s a bit different from what we normally do at The Art of Light, but that’s what makes it fun. The requiring flexibility and the short amount of time for setting the lighting can be challenging.” Marco says. “However, it’s always exciting to challenge yourself and to see your vision come to life. I can’t wait for the next clubtour!” he says enthusiastically.