GLOW: Once upon a light

Every year in November event GLOW lights up Eindhoven, the city of light, with a route of circa 6 km of light art. Next to these art objects, there are several side-events taking place during the one-week event. All unique and innovative projects, made by young artists inspired by light.

‘Once upon a light’ was one of those side-events at GLOW 2017, located at the Philips Stadion and created by The Art of Light, Dynamo, Eyesupply, Lastblast, Showtek, TWOFIFTYK, Vention Technologies and 4AV. Together telling the story about the history of Eindhoven and the development of light within the city.




The Art of Light, Dynamo and TWOFIFTYK also worked together for a previous edition of GLOW in 2016, called Flux Apparition. It gave a new vision on reality and illusion by means of a unique stage, special effects and urban dancers. Flux Apparition was a great success and a favourite among GLOW-visitors. In 2017 they decided to take this concept to a higher level, with a bigger stage and more parties involved. Marco Driessen did light design for this project and Koen van Elderen was the operator during the event.

Designing for a unique location like the Philips Stadion was great for inspiration, according to Marco. “GLOW gave us creative freedom. I first thought it would be a challenge, because the Philips Stadion has no roof. But during the design sessions I got fully inspired by the location.” Marco says. Even though the Philips Stadion is rather large, only a very small portion of it was used for lighting. “We wanted the light sources to be invisible and we couldn’t put anything on the field. That’s why I decided to hide the key lights into the stage and tribune. We lightened up the stage from the stage itself, what gave a nice special effect.”



The focus for the design was to reinforce the performance of the dancers and lines from the stage. “There was a lot going on stage and I wanted to amplify that in a subtle way.” Marco says. “I chose for clean and strong lines and varied from LED-strips to moving lights. It was subtle, but present.”

GLOW 2017 had 740.000 visitors in total. ‘Once upon a light’ was sold out nine times. There was space for 4.400 visitors, two times a night.


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