79 years old legendary musician and producer that changed the face of pop music forever.
Known for the big classics as “I feel love – Donna Summer”, “Call me – Blondie” and more recently “Giorgio by Moroder” by Daft Punk.

We had the honour to work on the light design, video controlling and creative production on his very first live tour. And with time code programming we were able to create a seamless handover to the touring operator making sure the show could go on and on and on!


17x Martin MAC Viper Profile

36x Robe LEDBeam 150

24x Robe Spiider

22x Molefay 1-lite DWE

2x Mirror Ball 

6x Showtec helix 4000Q

29x Light Specials M25 Ledstrip

15x Light Specials M35 Ledstrip

1x LED Videoscreen 

1x Green Hippo Hippotizer KARST

1x MA Lighting Grand MA2 Light

2x MA Lighting Grand MA2 NPU

 “Today, DJ’s and music producers have become the superstars of popular dance music, so the time feels right and I am so excited to be finally doing this!”

-     Giorgio Moroder

Photocredits: ZDENKO HANOUT

Thank you GEA Live