Comedy & Concert

Comedy & Concert is a spectacle with two of the greatest comedians in the Netherlands: Najib Amhali & Jandino Asporaat, amplified by a musical program of popular dutch acts. The combination of comedy and concert brings two different worlds together. The edition of July 2017 took place in de Kuip in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. There were 40,000 people in the stadium and the show was also broadcasted on channel RTL4. The lighting was designed by 4Light and they asked The Art of Light to do the operating.

André Beekmans and Marco Driessen were responsible for operating and registration for RTL4 during the LIVE event. “There were quite some visuals and other content we had to consider, while deciding on the light settings.” says Marco. “It was such a fun project, because the combination of the show is definitely unique. It was a challenge to bring it all together and still achieve the certain ambiance a comedy show normally has. But I think we certainly succeeded!”