Brooklyn Mirage

Brooklyn Mirage is the outdoor oasis in the Avant Gardner complex, located in the heart of New York. It’s open during the summer season and decked out with thousands of plants and palm trees. Boasting a KV2 Audio system, it’s designed to be a sensory experience for both the ears and eyes.

Backbone, as the technical producer, asked the Art of Light to design the lighting. Working together with Backbone and Cityfox, they came up with a unique area and experience for the club.

The set design was finished, and they needed André Beekmans to create a lighting design to go with it. “Because the video content was a 360º experience, we wanted to do the same for the lighting. We created a LED-line with Robe Cyc bar 15, that goes all around the venue. You can use the LED-strip in a subtle way to emphasize the lines of the venue or you can use it on full brightness to create the effect of a roof. And it’s also waterproof.” André says.

Because of the unique location and its existing design, it was a challenge to place the trusses for the remaining lighting. To create an all-round (lighting) experience, André also provided the V.I.P. area, the staircases and all bars with subtle lighting. Even the palm trees have their moment in the spotlights.


All employees of the Art of Light have a passion for lighting and they love the complete progress, beginning to end. “Next to designing we also programmed the lighting for the opening night. We were quite involved in this project and it was important for us to be there in the progress. That’s why we flew over from the Netherlands, for one night, just to check the result.” André says. And the final result is most definitely something to be proud of, for all parties involved.