Club BEEHIVE - Shanghai

Shanghai’s Club Beehive is all the buzz

A metropolis with a population of more than 24 million people now has a new masterpiece - Club Beehive. The Art of Light was commissioned by 250K to create a light design for this venue. Once again – a very successful collaboration, after the first design for Club Myst in Suzhou.

The look and feel for club Beehive is envisioned around a hexagon concept. The shape was the center of the concept in the whole club interior as well as the set design. Mees, the setdesigner of 250K created an idea around a tornado of hexagons. The very heart of the hexagon was constructed around a custom made Portman fixture.

Marco, lightdesigner of The Art of Light, came up with ideas to make the Portman fixture more sustainable, and decided to contact Portman with the idea to create a LED filament of the Portman P1 mini LED and integrate it in the P3. Together with Portman we succesfully built a ‘new’ P3. Next to the P3 fixtures there were 10 custom made chandeliers build with the Portman P1. The original outside rings were replaced by 3 hexagons – this way they were able to move and be tilted 120 degrees relative to each other. They all were constructed on a hoist which made it possible for them to move up and down vertically.


In between the Hexagons Marco decided to place several Ayrton fixtures; The Mystral as effect spot, Khamsin for decor and special effect and the Bora as key light on the DJ booth. They all have an impressive LED-engine, great colors and a very complete Gobo package.

To complete all of this we also included the de Robe LEDBeam 150, Martin VDO Atomic Dots, FOS Aurora en de Gantom DMX Flood. The Robe LEDBeam 150’s were placed in between all the spots and The Martin VDO Atomic Dots were scattered throughout the hexagon tornado to be able to create a full-on strobe experience. Because of the versatility of the Atomic dots they could also be used to create a blinder effect and different color effect lighting. The For Arora were placed in the back of the club, to make full usage of the aura that enhances the hexagon shape in the fixture.

Last but certainly not least – The Gantom DMX flood. Because DJ’s tend to look down to their turntables, we used the Gantom DMX flood as sidelight to make sure the artists are always clearly visible. The Gantoms are very small but very powerful which makes them a perfect fit for this purpose.

Thinking sustainable, seeing opportunities in challenges and great collaboration definitely resulted in a mesmerizing end result. Thanks to all who have contributed in this successful project!

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Pictures by Beehive

Fixtures countlist

196 x Portman P3 custom LED

10 x Portman P1 miniLED custom chandeleer

23 x Ayrton Khamsin - S

61 x Ayrton Mystral - S

03 x Ayrton Bora - S

40 x Robe LEDBeam 150

08 x Robe LEDWash 300+

81 x Martin VDO Atomic DOT CLD

120 x FOS Aurora

08 x GLP X4 Atom

06 x Gantom DMX Flood

over 1000mtr LED strip RGBW