A State of Trance

Armin van Buuren’s radio show ‘A State of Trance’ has been going strong since 2001. With 38 million listeners, spread over more than 80 countries, A State of Trance (ASOT) is broadcast on over 100 FM radio-stations and globally through satellite and internet radio. The birthdays of the radio show are always celebrated in style, with an A State of Trance live show. The Art of Light has been involved since 2012, designing and operating all lighting.

The latest edition was an event with 30,000 visitors and a total of 5 area’s at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The Art of Light was responsible for 3 of them.


The mainstage lighting was designed by André Beekmans. The setdesign, made by 250K, consisted of oval shapes and portrayed the theme of the evening: ‘Be in the moment’. “While designing I got inspired by the theme and its corresponding set design.” André says. “The audience was surrounded by the lights and music, completely immersed by the experience.” Next to the LEDbeam 100’s, André also used Clay Paky sharpies to accentuate the outlines. For spots he chose for the Martin Viper Spots. “We needed some spots with good gobos for the mainstage, so we choose for the Martin Viper spots.

The event was broadcasted live, so fans around the world could tune in and be a part of the spectacle. “We had to make sure there was something spectacular to see from every camera angle.” The result was some serious eye candy!

The third area Psy Trance, designed by André, was especially put together for this edition and was also a part of the live stream. “For the main ficture of this stage the Infinity IM2515 panels were used in combination with the Light Specials’ M16 LEDstrips. This combination made a lot of different effects possible, because of the separate controllable pixels.” André says.

The tourset from area 2 has been a part of the ASOT events for a larger amount of time. This set goes all around the world for the other ASOT events. It was designed to be flexible in size and options by Marco Driessen.

With ever-growing popularity and a steady group of loyal fans, A State of Trance is only getting bigger and better.

ASOT 900